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Privacy information:
This form gathers some personal information. This information is used to verify your identity and to check whether you have any existing history with the accreditation programme and exist as a MyRoute-app user. This helps us to safely and accurately contact you with the right level of information.

We also request that you give your adress. This information is used in the event that we will need to send you mail or ship the gifts that form an integral part of the RouteXpert accreditation.

Personal information is handled with the utmost care by MRA community management. Personal information is never shared with non-MRA personel, volunteers or partners for purposes other than furthering your progress in the accreditation programme without the express approval.

Application procedure:

1.       After completing the application we will send you a response at the soonest possible occasion.

2.       Your application will be reviewed by MRA community management within 2 weeks with the help of existing RouteXpert mentors (if required).

3.       If your application is approved you will receive a notice of approval and further information on how to continue the accreditation program.

4.       If your application is denied you will receive an email containing the reasons why. You are always free to re-apply when you are ready.

Good luck!
* The mentioned period of two weeks serves as a guideline, not as a promise or commitment. In general MRA community management strives to answer applications within one workweek but due to applicant volume, missing information, complex applications, sickness, holidays or any other reason there may be a delay in the mentioned response time.

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* 5. Certified RouteXperts are required to succesfully review at least 12 routes each year to keep their abilities at the required level with an average of at least 3 routes per annual quarter. Do you agree with this?

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* 6. A review adhering to the RouteXpert community quality standards usually takes at least one and a half hour to create. Starting Xperts usually take longer to do this. Are you ready and willing to dedicate such time?