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February 2021

To all patients and partners confronted with low-risk or favorable intermediate-risk prostate cancer who are considering active surveillance as a treatment option,

What kind of information do you need?

Worldwide many thousands of men are diagnosed each year with prostate cancer with the message that their cancer may not need a therapy (just now). Their cancer is be classified as ‘low-risk’ for causing symptoms during their lifetime. Such news might be regarded as relatively good, but immediately results in many questions: ‘What is active surveillance?  What can I do to avoid future treatment? What is the best thing to do?’ etc.

There is an enormous amount of experience with regard to active surveillance. The GAP3 consortium (Global Action Plan for Active Surveillance) has a database of over 20.000 men from 28 large hospital networks on four continents that have been on active surveillance for several years. From this database, the information has been analyzed to provide doctors and patients with the best methods of selecting and monitoring men with low-risk cancers for active surveillance. We are considering options to respond to the patients with a website or app to provide them with complete information tells , and supports them in making decisions about their treatment.

We ask you to help us understand your needs. Please take this three -minute survey. Your answers are anonymous, and by completing the survey you will provide us with useful information to help patients like you.

Thank you, you are helping all of us.

The GAP3-team (https://gap3.movemberprojects.com/)

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* 1. Are you older or younger than 65?

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* 2. Where do you reside?

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* 3. Have you previously consulted a website for information about your cancer?

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* 4. Are you considering or have you been following active surveillance?

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* 5. What information were you UNABLE to find if you have used a website or application (several answers possible)

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* 6. What are you missing in the above list?

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* 7. Would you use a website or app developed by the GAP Consortium and supported by well-known medical centers to provide advice based on your clinical data?

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* 8. Is there anything you would like to add to the above that would help us?