Start the day like a champ! Come and have some breakfast with us.

There will be free tea, coffee, brownies and warm croissants available.

When: Tuesday, 26th of February 2019, from 09:00 to 11:00
Location: Café Brandstof (ground floor, next to the entrance of the Fraijlemaborg building) 

Please verify that you will be attending!

Thanks in advance! The latest date to respond is Friday, the 22nd of February.

Kind regards,

Nathaly, Lottelinde, Giao, Marieke, Hanny & Judith 

International Office

Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
HvA – Faculty of Business and Economics

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* 1. Name (= first name + family name, for example: Robbie Williams)

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* 2. I will attend the Meet & Greet on Tuesday, the 26th of February 2019

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* 3. What is the name of your home university?