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Everyone who completes the survey gets a chance to win a free dinner with Stéphane Hamel.

√ It took our pre-testers on average 14 minutes to fill out the complete survey.
√ This survey is anonymous and no 1 on 1 data will be published in the results.
√ The survey insights will be published on Webanalisten.nl & OnlineOptimizers.eu

The first presentation of the survey insights will be on Digital Data Tips Tuesday #3, in Dauphine - Amsterdam on September 16th (claim your free ticket here).

This survey withholds question from 3 entities:

1) Questions from survey sponsor Webtrekk (about tool and company maturity)
2) Questions from Stéphane Hamel's online analytics maturity model
3) Questions about tool usage from Webanalisten.nl / OnlineOptimizers.eu

Webtrekk and Stéphane will only get the results from their specific part of the survey. Raw data from other questions will not be shared with them. And still: this is an anonymous survey!

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