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This Survey is carried out by Augeo Foundation and Erasmus MC, in collaboration with EUSEM and EUSEN. This short survey aims to gain insight into child maltreatment strategies at emergency departments (EDs) throughout Europe. Topics include: policy, use of protocols and screening tools, registration and information, training and collaboration.
The survey consists of two parts.

Part I consists of 25 general questions and takes approximately ten minutes to complete.
Part II consists of 14 more detailed questions and takes approximately five minutes to complete.

Please complete all of the questions.
Thank you in advance!
EUSEM and EuSEN boards

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EUSEM, EuSEN and Augeo Foundation, Erasmus MC and Haaglanden MC from The Netherlands have joined forces to work together on improving the knowledge on child abuse and neglect and implementation of tools in order to detect more victims of family maltreatment at the ED’s in Europe.