1. Welcome to the Data Innovation Survey 2015

"Define your profile, express your expectations and create your name tag"
Dear Friend,

Our datascience community is real. Over the past year we all have witnessed its growth, participated to its meetups, networked like we never did before, read the countless contributions on the blog, linkedin group and engaged with other members.

Time now to move it to the next level and this time you can participate even more, starting with clarifying how you see your ideal data innovation group. We are trying to get a picture of the 'Data Science landscape' in Belgium - asking you to provide some details about yourself and the organisation you work for. This survey hands over the reins of your own community, You can start with defining where you want to go. 

Make sure you go to the end so that you can participate to the challenge and analyze yourself or in team the results of the survey. On April 16th, during the finals,  we will meet again to listen to your analysis. May the best team win !

We will not give away your details; if you wish so, we will not store your name and email address together with the information you provided in the survey.

Philippe Van Impe
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