Tell us what you think about eyewear!

Dear reader,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Your inputs will guide us in defining our first prototypes and put our company on the right track!

We are an imec/U.Gent spin-off, focusing on rejuvenating people's vision. Just like our skin, our crystalline lenses lose their elasticity. Once past 45 years old  they can no longer sufficiently accommodate for reading. Better than nothing, most of us then correct our vision with reading or multifocal glasses, but these leave a lot to be desired. Just look around and see how many fiddle with their glasses and/or move their head in an uncomfortable position to see something. That's just because a single pair of lenses doesn't work in all situations. Eyeglass manufacturers suggest people to wear different glasses for computer, driving, sport, etc. We think that sounds cumbersome and expensive!

Our goal is to correct presbyopia with digital lenses that can change focus across the entire field of view and as a result  provide a better visual comfort under all circumstances, without disregarding aesthetics. 

Currently, we are setting up our manufacturing platform and deciding on our first product. Here we need your advice. We are keen to know what you think is important for your vision, especially in work situations and have therefore compiled a brief questionnaire.  Your inputs we help us designing glasses that hopefully supersede your expectations!

Finally, if interested, please leave your mailadres behind and we will be in touch to give you a better idea of our concept.

Many thanks in advance for filling out the survey!

Paul and Jelle