To introduce you to the new AGIP Novecento product line, you'll receive the AGIP Novecento display for free. The display offers room for both 1 and 4-liter AGIP Novecento packaging and is a must-have for all garage owners in the world of classic cars.
  • This promotion is valid in combination with the purchase of a minimum of 200 litres of lubricants of which at least 100 litres of AGIP Novecento products.
  • Coolants and screenwash are excluded.
  • The promotion only applies to garage owners.
  • Delivery based on a 3-year lease agreement.
  • Only 1 display per business address.
  • The promotion is valid until the 31st of March 2020. 
Do you wish to participate in this unique promotion? Enter your credentials below and we will make a customized offer for you. Before you know it you have the AGIP Novecento display in your workshop or showroom!

The AGIP Novecento product line consists of various engine and transmission oils and specialties. Consult the brochure for the complete range.

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