Research: Why test or not test for HIV?

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Research Focus

The questions raised in this questionnaire have to do with your personal situation and your motivation to be tested for HIV. We would like to know why you came for a HIV test, what restrictions or any difficulties you faced in HIV testing and your level of risk of acquiring HIV. We also want to understand how you think about sex, sexuality and HIV, what your sexual life and practices are, how you seek and obtain information relating to your sexual health and HIV, and how we can help you to maintain or achieve good health. The questions vary in nature. If you would like more information about this study please feel free to contact us by telephone at 0613648861 (ask for Sasha) or email to S.ramdas@amc.uva.nl, or 0621818646 (ask for Melissa), or email Melissa.baker@graduateinstitute.ch.

Anonymity and privacy

We guarantee your anonymity and privacy. Your name will not be recorded and your information will be stored safely. Only the researchers affiliated to this study have access to this information.


We understand that the questions are very personal and that it may be difficult to provide open and honest answers. The answers that you provide are very important in our fight against HIV. Take your time to read the questions and to think about your answers. There are no right or wrong answers; it is what applies to you.

Research results

The information that you give, as well as the information of other participants, will be processed and analyzed. The research results will be displayed in a report. We will also write scientific articles and the information may be used for further research or to inform the development of information and education programs.
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