Thank you for taking part in this scan designed to assess the inclusiveness of your company/organisation.

What is the inclusion scan?

  • The scan consists of seven parts. These assess the organisation’s general policy but also go deeper into specific HR practices, communication and visibility, leadership and external relations.
  • The scan is essentially a self-assessment that provides your organisation with insight into its inclusiveness but also highlights the steps you can take to be more inclusive.
  • After completing the scan, an analysis is carried out by KliQ Works and you will receive a short quantitative analysis from us with your results for the different parts.
The scan was developed by Vlerick Business School, KliQ vzw and Voka, in a project supported by the European Union and ESF-Vlaanderen.

How to fill in the scan form
  • One person per organisation or company is to be made responsible for filling in the scan form.
  • The information submitted should relate to the situation in Belgium. If you mention global initiatives, please state how these are implemented in Belgium. Unless otherwise specified, this scan assesses the situation over the past 12 months. 
  • Completing the form also makes you eligible to be listed in the index of Belgium’s most inclusive companies and organisations.

How your score is determined
  • Your organisation receives a score for each part of the scan. We assign points to the answers of each question and each part is weighted differently.
  • Some questions require you to upload some form of proof (e.g. a code of conduct, a brochure, information about an event). We recommend you do this so that we can confirm your answers. If no documents are uploaded, they may be requested by us at a later date.
  • You can mention your own (innovative) initiatives in the blank fields in each part. An internal jury will decide how many points are assigned to these initiatives. The most interesting initiatives are also eligible for an award.
We will provide the participating company or organisation with a scaled score for each part of the scan.

Our specific approach

In a diverse society it is important to strive for diversity and an inclusive approach to diversity in the workplace. This scan surveys diversity initiatives in general but focuses above all on policy on gender diversity and sexual diversity. This is because the existing gender mechanisms lead to LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender +) people not always receiving the same opportunities as others in the workplace. 
By ‘inclusive organisational culture’ we mean an organisational culture that recognises and values the differences between (potential) employees and reflects these in the structure of the organisation through the removal or diminishing of obstacles hindering people of diverse backgrounds, in order to establish an organisational culture that offers everyone the same opportunities, regardless of these differences.