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Dear all,

With this enquiry we like to ask your opinion about the work and contacts with the Regieteam before and during this 53rd Europeade in Namur. This with the intention to improve future Europeade’s for all of us.

For reason of efficient evaluation of all your enquiries, we have chosen to mention the questions only in the English language and we like to ask you therefore also to answer in English.

We already thank you all for your cooperation by filling in this enquiry massively before the deadline of Sunday 21st of August 2016.

We inform you that, if your connection is under broken during filling in the evaluation, you can go back by logging in again with the same computer. You will arrive in your earlier page and you can continue to fill in.

We hope that you had a nice Europeade in Namur and hope to meet again in Turku (FI) next year.

Best regards.

The regieteam

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* 6. How many times your group already take part at a Europeade (approximately)