Background Project Success Scan

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The Project Success Scan was developed based on many years of experience within Hedeman Consulting and its affiliates. Also included are the results of several publications in this field such as Success and failure factors of McKinsey and the Chaos report by the Standish Group. The results of recent publications on the failure of public projects have been included too.

The Project Success Scan is divided into four plateaus chosen to distinguish different areas of responsibilities. All four platforms have to some extent been filled to give a project a good chance of success. Is a plateau insufficiently completed, this has to be compensated within another plateau.

The four plateaus
Plateau 1 and 2 relate to an individual project. Plateau 3 covers the projects organization as a whole. Plateau 4 relates to the business organization including their support services.

The successive plateaus support each other. Platform 1 is based on platform 2, platform 2 is based on platform 3 and platform 3 is based on platform 4. Plateau 1 is the easiest and plateau 4 the hardest to adjust. Failure factors on the plateaus 1 and 2 can if possible be compensated by strong success factors on the plateaus 1 and 2.

An advantage of the classification of four plateaus is that it's easier to defined at which levels interventions can be implemented and who is responsible for those interventions.

These four platforms are further divided into 15 main areas of focus. These fifteen areas have been further subdivided into a number of detailed areas.

This survey focuses exclusively on the 15 main areas of interest and provides some high level (outline) insight (quick scan).