In WP3 we are interested in the financial and cooperation models which are used in school renovation projects. We will assess
• the financial aspects
• the contractual relations
• the work order
• communication aspects
The collected data is strictly confidential and anonymous, in accordance with the law on privacy.
This questionnaire will take about 40 minutes of your time.

How to fill in this questionnaire?
• To gather the right answers it's recommended to have a personal interview with the architect (or planner), projectmanager (or owner and investor) and the main contractor. The interviews can be done with all parties together or seperate. Questions 5 until 18 are typical questions for school owners only.
• The questions from 32 on and further should only be asked at people who have a good insight in school building projects in their region/country. (for example people of an architect association, government, ...) These questions are not directly linked to the frontrunners.
• It is important to mention positive and negative experiences about the applied solutions.
• Click on 'next' to go forward, and 'previous' to go backwards.
• The answers will be registrated immediatly. You can leave the webbrowser always without progressing.
• A progress bar will allow you to know how far you are in the survey.

If you have questions, you can always send a message to
or give a call at +32 473 68 98 22

We thank you for your participation!

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