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Is your job In or Out in the future? Welcome to the Personal Future Intro Quiz! This quiz gives you a quick insight into your personal future, and a sneak peek of the book Welcome to the Future Cloud: the World in 2025 in 100 Predictions.

This is the first and most popular of 3 quizzes that come along with the book. The other two take a bit more time: Rate The Predictions and Innovation Quiz.
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From the 100 predictions about different topics, we have taken 10 predictions that have the most impact on daily life around 2025. Is the Prediction, in your view, likely or unlikely?

1. The sun is the major and cheapest form of energy. It can be sprayed everywhere. It is the main contributor to cheap Energy Unlimited
2. Everything is software, from police work to driving a car and teaching kids. Social robots, smart software and distant screen workers raise global labour productivity and reduce labour shortage in greying and shrinking countries.
3. Social robots, smart software and distant screen workers enhance our sense of time. They reduce the time needed for mobility, they lead to less accidents and traffic jams, and they reduce the time wasted on useless ‘red tape’ and bureaucracy
4. Local money, like the ‘Totnes Pound’ or the ‘Healthcare Yen’, stimulates local economies worldwide and diminishes speculation
5. Intelligent, trusted, ‘anti-fraud’ money & value papers reduce fraud
6. Everyone possesses their own personal factory (a cheap high quality 3D product printer) and their own personal laboratory (a multipurpose mobile). Every house has its own game room, which is the family’s communication control center
7. Everyone needs higher education or entrepreneurial skills. Lower education is just not good enough anymore in the global and hypercompetitive economy
8. Massive cultural conflict in Western countries due to mass immigration
9. Children mature very early. Access to adult information makes them grow up faster. Multitasking drives them crazy. They lack focus in school
10. India & China are in the top 10 of happy countries (right now, Western European countries are)

Question Title

* 8. Are you better than a robot?