Are you in need of an expert to renew your organisation's organising and recruitment policy, or good practices ideas for serving freelance members, or an expert on collective bargaining?


Now with the EFJ Expert Exchange Visit programme (EEV), you can recruit an expert from the EFJ membership, whether they are experts in collective bargaining, legal aspect, recruitment, or labour rights, to visit your organisation for a training, workshop or simply to talk to your staff or board members to exchange good practices.

The aim of the EEV is to provide coaching specific to the need of a particular union or association within a particular national context. It will be a more effective mean for journalists' unions and associations to exchange best practices and improve their expertise and create an innovative multiplier effect through face-to-face training.


The EFJ will pay for the travel cost of one expert to visit your organisation and cover two-night accommodation.

The EEV is funded under the project "Managing Change in the Media" funded by the European Commission (DG Employment).