Welcome to the BelgianGames survey about our local #BelgianGamesIndustry in 2018

BelgianGames (FLEGA, WALGA and screenbrussels) is set to publish recent facts&figures about the state-of-play of our local industry in August at gamescom.

Please note that this survey is only intended for Flemish, Brussels or Walloon videogame organisations and/or freelancers active in our local industry.

This includes developers, publishers, platforms, event organisers, service providers (middleware, Q&A, localisation, audio…), educational institutions that offer game courses and research departments that study games. Boasting offices in Belgium and/or abroad.

Not included are retail, media, government or organisations offering non-development related services (e.g. advertising, PR, marketing, influencers, lawyers, jobs…).

Not active in our local industry anymore? Apologies, please discard our survey.

Know of any other freelancers or companies active in our local industry? Please forward our survey.

We value your privacy and as such your information will be treated anonymously and in bulk (we don't ask any personal identification). Answering our questions will only take a few minutes of your time and make our fact&figures more accurate.