Welcome and thank you for starting this questionnaire.

First I would like to thank you for taking the time for my questionnaire. You're helping me, Nick Jelsma, a 22 year old Bachelor student from the Netherlands with his graduation research. I'm graduating in Commercial Economics consisting of marketing, sales and management. After I learned about Agile I decided that I wanted to write my Bachelor Thesis about it.

The questionnaire is divided in 3 pages:
nr 1 General demographics and challenges
nr 2 Your online behavior and informational needs
nr 3 What you value most in Agile project management software and what influences your choice for vendors.

Last but not least, by filling in this questionnaire you have a chance at winning the English book 'Scrum for Managers' (if you opt in and leave your e-mail at the end), written by the well respected Dutch professor and Scrum expert Rini van Solingen. The books aren't digital.
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