ST Survey - Will Take You 5 Minutes

Thank you for entering this survey!

I’d like to take this opportunity to learn a little bit more about what your biggest challenges are at the moment.

Your feedback - by participating in this short survey - will be instrumental in helping me, as I develop my brand new Straightness Training Entry Course that I hope will help you with your challenges...

Because working with horses should be fun, rewarding and beneficial for both you and your horse... 

So let's get rid off many of the challenges by working together!

Through the survey you can have an impact on the development and refinement of my brand new ST Entry Course...

If you could just take 5 minutes and tell me what the single biggest challenge you’re struggling with right now, that would be great!

And to express my appreciation for you taking time to answer the questions, I will be randomly drawing 3 free tickets for the brand new ST Entry Course to those who complete the survey before Sunday - midnight, that's July 9th, 12 midnight / 24:00. 

Thanks in advance!

~ Marijke

* 1. What's your biggest challenge as a rider or horse trainer? 

(Please be as detailed and specific as possible, write as much as you want. Here are some examples:
- "I am confused and worried, because ..." (list all of your concerns), or
- "I am frustrated, because ... (list all what is taking the joy out of your work with your horse), or
- "I don’t have any idea how to…" (list all the things you want more information about or want help with), or
- "I feel stuck with…" (list the areas where you are hitting a plateau)

The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely I'll be able to help you! :-) )

* 2. How many horses do you currently train?

* 3. When it comes to your most challenging horse, what is the main issue? (Please only select one for now, so I know what is most relevant to you.)

* 4. Which best describes your current level of straightness training skill?

* 5. Which best describes your current level of confidence when it comes to straightness training?

* 6. Which of the following training components interests you most? (Please only select one for now).

* 7. If you (would) have no direct or instant access to an ST instructor, what kind of feedback would support you best to help you further on your Straightness Training journey? (Please only select one for now, so I know what you prefer most.)

* 8. In a typical week, about how many hours do you spend on studying and training horses? (Including reading books, watching videos, checking social media horse accounts, practical training sessions and other horse related activities).

* 9. Do you have a non-horse-related job or do you go to school, and if so, for how many hours a week?

* 10. What is your age?

* 11. What is your gender?

* 12. Where are you based?

* 13. How would your general happiness in life improve if you would apply a training method that would consistently and verifiably result in a healthier, more confident and more beautiful horse, that has a strengthened and thriving relationship with you? (Please select the most relevant for now).

* 14. If you had a live chat with me what would you ask me?

* 15. OPTIONAL: If you'd like to be entered in the drawing for 3 FREE TICKETS to the ST Mastery Entry Course, please enter you name and email address below, thank you! (and - please don't worry - we won't share your information with anyone! )