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We need a paradigm shift in the way we develop guidance in patients with sepsis

We are petitioning for the retirement of the SSC guidelines.  In its place, we would call for the development of separate sepsis guidelines by the United States, Europe, ANZICS, and likely other locales as well.  There has been a monopoly on sepsis guidelines for too long, leading to stagnation and dogmatism and potential harm related to fluid overload.  We would hope that these new guidelines are written by collaborations of the appropriate professional societies, based on the highest evidentiary standards.  The existence of several competing sepsis guidelines could promote a diversity of opinions, regional adaptation, and flexible thinking about different approaches to sepsis.

We are disseminating an international petition that will allow clinicians to express their displeasure and concern over these guidelines.  If you believe that our septic patients deserve more evidence-based guidelines, please stand with us. One size does not fit all.

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* 1. The SEP-1 mandate of the SSCG advocates IV fluid administration of 30mL/kg/1 hour

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* 2. Please fill in your name if you want the SSCG to be retired

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