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"The recruitment of external professionals: is that a task for HR, Procurement, or the Business?"
                                                 AN INVESTIGATION

The growing trend for businesses and organisations to use external professional staff is now also undeniably apparent in Belgium. The number of external professionals within organisations, whether as freelances or on secondment, continues its steady rise. A phenomenon which will require increasing attention to be paid to the most effective ways of organising the recruitment and deployment of these external professionals.

Why are external professionals brought in? How should tasks and responsibilities in relation to their hiring, recruitment, direction and assessment be allocated? What are the present and future roles of HR and the Procurement Department in this area? And what is the role of the Business Manager? Different organisations make different choices here.

Our aim in this investigation is to map out the current trends in Belgium, on behalf of organisations who want to take a serious approach to the deployment of external professionals. We intend to function as a source of inspiration and to encourage interaction.

Our market research consists of a questionnaire with some twenty questions/propositions, to be distributed to Buyers, HR Managers and Business Managers.

This project is an initiative by Pro-Cured, a niche provider of HR solutions in the areas of Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain and Facility Management, and it will be carried out by the knowledge platform ZiPconomy, in part with the support of the VIB and the PMclub, communities of procurement and HR managers and professionals.  

By taking part in this research you will have a chance to win a Dinner-In-The-Sky for 2 in Brussels: the dinner will be allocated by a draw once the investigation is complete. The dinner will be on a date in June 2016.

The research findings will be anonymised and included in a report. If you would like to receive a copy of the report there's an opportunity to request this at the end of the questionnaire. The research findings will also be discussed during the Pro-Cured Seminar "Inhuren van Externen" ("Hiring in External Staff") which is provisionally set to take place on 15/09/2016 and to which you are now cordially invited.

Ronald Jordens                                        Hugo-Jan Ruts   
Pro-Cured                                                 ZiPconomy

(A Dutch version of this survey can be found here)