Gather feedback from your Shopify customers

Developed by SurveyMonkey

Automatically Send Surveys

Trigger surveys to send to customers based on certain events. Effortlessly gather feedback on your purchasing process (or even your product).

Promote brand loyalty

Send surveys by order or customer.  Target unhappy customers to reduce churn, and gather feedback from your biggest buyers.

How to Install

  • Go to the integration page and authorize Shopify to connect with SurveyMonkey.
  • Select a survey to send or create a new one.

If you need a bit more info, check out our Help Center.


This app requires access to:
  • Create or edit collectors for surveys in your account
  • View your surveys and those shared with you
  • Create or edit surveys in your account
  • View collectors for your surveys and those shared with you
  • View your user information

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