Explore, analyze and tell stories with your SurveyMonkey data.

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Turn your survey data into actionable insights for everyone to discover.

  • All of your questions are organized so that a simple search query brings you back the full scope of data related to that search.
  • Visualize your data and manipulate it to get a deeper understanding.
  • Collect your findings in a story that you can share out to anyone in your organization.

Here's how it works:

• Authorize KnowledgeHound to integrate with your SurveyMonkey account.

• Select the studies you want to import.

• Add any helpful meta data you want to each survey.

• Start searching and visualizing your data.

• Share your findings out.

* Requires a KnowledgeHound subscription. For information contact


Explore - By importing your surveys into KnowledgeHound, every survey question you've ever asked becomes instantly searchable. Unleash the power to find information to anyone in your organization!
Transform - Analyze any survey question you find to build the exact chart and or table you need.
Inspire - Combine survey data from multiple sources to tell a compelling story. Identify trends, find new insights, or enhance your new study results with existing data. KnowledgeHound gives you the tools to easily share and present a story to inspire others in your organization to act.


KnowledgeHound Enterprise provides the flexibility and security you need to scale KnowledgeHound across your entire Enterprise. Features include: • Single Sign On • Access Controls • Flexible meta-data structure
Voor deze app is toegang vereist tot:
  • Uw enquêtes weergeven en de enquêtes die met u worden gedeeld
  • Verzamelprogramma's weergeven voor uw enquêtes en de enquêtes die met u worden gedeeld
  • Uw bibliotheek met enquêtethema's en sjablonen weergeven
  • Weergeven of er reacties zijn voor enquêtes voor uw account en bijbehorende metagegevens weergeven
  • Antwoorden weergeven met reacties

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