AI-text & sentiment analytics for uncovering granular insights from survey responses at scale.
Customised AI analytics that is accurate and provides detail—no 'out-of-the-box' models
Simple-to-use UI with unlimited logins
Easily deep dive through quantitative and qualitative customer feedback
Real-time understanding of all SurveyMonkey results

Extract actionable insight from free-text survey responses at scale

Feedback left in your surveys provides powerful insight into the frictions and pain points facing your customers. But when surveys are collected at a meaningful scale, analysing the data becomes painful and time-consuming.

SentiSum's SurveyMonkey integration connects you to an AI-based analytics model that is customised to your individual business context. It provides you with granular-level insight on all your surveys, in seconds.

The AI picks up multiple topics mentioned in each survey response, collate these at scale, and show you the volume and sentiment score of each topic. You’ll fully understand customer experience drivers at scale and never miss a hidden or trending topic affecting your customer.

Why artificial intelligence

SurveyMonkey customers come to us because their current analytics process is manual (and very time-consuming) or automated and very inaccurate or generic. Generic or inaccurate insights are risky because they can send you down the wrong path. SentiSum deploys machine learning-based natural language processing technology. It’s able to understand when someone misspells a word or uses a word it has never seen before. It identifies hierarchy in the language. For example, it knows a delivery issue could relate to late deliveries, damaged packaging, the delivery driver, or incorrect item arrived. This approach brings you a much more granular understanding of your customer feedback data, making it more actionable to the rest of the business.

More on our SurveyMonkey integration

SurveyMonkey users use SentiSum to analyse their Net Promoter Score, CSAT and other surveys containing a free form element where they need to understand the key drivers. The integration is very light touch, you log in with your SurveyMonkey account, tell us which surveys we should connect with and we take care of everything else.

Reach out to the SentiSum team to enable the integration.