Since 14 March 2020, ESHRE has recommended to avoid the initiation of MAR treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the reasons for this statement is the limited data on the impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy and the newborn; there are currently limited data to support clinical decisions in MAR and pregnancy establishment .

MAR treatments have nevertheless been performed in the period before and at the initial stages of the pandemic, and information also on these (ongoing) pregnancies is highly relevant and can inform clinical practice during and after the pandemic.

The ESHRE platform proposed below offers healthcare professionals the opportunity of case-by-case reporting on the outcome of MAR pregnancies in women in which a COVID-19 infection was confirmed.

Please complete the questionnaire as a case-by-case reporting, meaning that the information is to be filled in for each individual patient. There are no patient identifying data questions and all information is anonymous and will be treated as such.

The aim of this effort is to provide information on the following questions;

- Does COVID-19 infection in the woman undergoing MAR affect the pregnancy and newborn ?
- Which complications, if any, are observed during pregnancy or delivery in COVID-19 women pregnant after MAR?
- Is there evidence of vertical transmission of the COVID-19 infection to the newborns?

The report of the data collected will be available for the public on the ESHRE website.

Please leave your name or email address. We will not be able to consider data that are not verifiable or traceable. Your email-address will only be used to verify the data, it will not be included in any report.

By completing this survey, you agree that ESHRE shall process your personal data in accordance with our privacy declaration (