Dear student, artist, cultural professional, 

The quality of cultural and artistic production in the Netherlands is dependent on the cultural climate. The cultural climate is the totality of factors that influence opportunities for artists to thrive, such as accessibility of visa and residence permits, housing possibilities, available work opportunities and accessibility of funding opportunities. For artists coming from abroad, the cultural climate is experienced differently, often facing different kinds of obstacles than artists born and raised in the Netherlands. 

In order to get a better impression of the current barriers experienced by international artists and cultural professionals working in the Netherlands, the City of Amsterdam and DutchCulture, centre for international cultural cooperation, have decided to conduct a research among  the international artistic community.  With this survey we hope to identify the most common and problematic barriers experienced by international artists and creatives in The Netherlands.

The results of this survey are intended to spark a conversation between peers (artists and creatives), stakeholders (cultural organisations, expat centres, universities and artist residencies) and policy makers (both national and local governments and funding bodies) to formulate possible actions to relieve the barriers experienced by international artists artists and cultural professionals.
Consequently, that list of actions will be presented to the Dutch national government — in light of preparations for the new cultural policy round of 2021-2024­— with a call for action to partner with local governments to create solutions and policies that will improve the cultural climate for international artists.

The survey takes an average of 8 minutes to fill in. After asking some general questions about your practice and nationality, it continues with 4 to 6 questions (depending on your situation) asking you to share with us the barriers you experienced.

The survey is anonymous, and you will not be asked to leave any personal info.

We would like to thank you for your interest and for taking the time to fill in the survey. If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to contact us .

Kind regards,

Araf Ahmadali
City of Amsterdam

Michiel van der Padt