Welcome to the employers’ survey of the Netherlands Institute of Biology (NIBI)

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important for the university studies biology and biomedical sciences looking to have their education align even better with the employment market. The educations biology and the educations biomedical sciences in the Netherlands are the clients of this survey. The study is conducted by the NIBI (website in Dutch).

The objective of this study is to map the current needs of companies and organisations with regard to knowledge, skills and (work) attitude of biologists and/or biomedical scientists who have recently graduated from Dutch universities. By participating in the study, you cooperate in further improvement of the educations and, with that, to better basic qualifications of your future staff. The study may even lead to a shift of the training offering within your organisation to, for example, a minor in one of the educations. The results of the study will also be used when giving career advice to students.

Our request: contribute today in order to realise better alignment between your organisation and the bioscience educations in the Netherlands.

Does your organisation have more departments employing biologists or biomedical scientists? Please ask the managers concerned to respond separately.

Duration survey: please respond prior to 25 December 2020
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