Dear participant,

Based on your impressive experience in the business environment and leadership, we are happy to invite you to participate in our survey named:  'Leadership around the World'. 

May we ask for some moments of your precious time? As the world is internationalising rapidly, our workplaces are also being influenced by cultural diversity. We are trying to learn more about leadership styles around the world. We read also in local literature that there are some specific leadership styles within countries, at the end we would like to compare these differences between nations. With your valuable help, we are able to obtain first-hand reliable data and to compare about 25 countries within five months; our only objective is to give country specific leadership tips to everyone to encourage cultural understanding when doing business. 
As we are a non-profit organisation our digital and print publications allow us to: share the world with the world.

Completing this survey about your country shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. In total there are 27 questions, mostly closed-questions require answers options from scale 'like me' till 'not like me'. Pease fill in the open-boxes as well. We also might ask you when interested  to conduct an in-depth interview with one of our aspirant researchers if you would leave a personal number. As a thank you for your help, you could get a complementary chapter from an previous e-book. At the end of the semester, we mail you the whole manuscript of the current e-Book. This survey is in English language, but there are some translations in Pdf available if you mail us this request. 

About us
CCBS global fact tank is an ongoing academic research project of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Every six months we survey C-level executives around the world. Since its first international poll in 2012, the CCBS global fact tank has conducted surveys and interviews in 73 trade nations, with some 10 thousand executives. CCBS is an acronym for Cross-Cultural Business Skills.

Kind Regards,
Students and Lectures of Cross Cultural Business Skills Minor of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam/ Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands. 
Contact mail: minorccbs@hva.nl
Research staff: Aynur Dogan (MA) and prof. Sander Schroevers

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